Panther City Rounders

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Mark W. Batchelder, Gary Don Parish, Steve McCune, and Perry Harper

Fort Worth, Texas
(also known as Panther City)

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Panther City Rounders - Gary & Mark

Gary (on the left) and Mark (on the right)
(which is not necessarily supposed to imply anything about politics)

Mark and Gary have been best friends since they met about 30 years ago at Paschal High School (Go Panthers!) in Fort Worth, Texas. They were both in the marching band and they also worked together as janitors during high school. After graduating from college and law school, they became partners for a few years in their law firm which was called Parish & Batchelder, Attorneys at Law. Currently, they are each independent practicing lawyers whose friendship and mutual appreciation of music bring them together as:
Panther City Rounders.

Steve McCune

Steve McCune
(Renowned drummer and stick twirler!)

Our illustrius drummer, Steve McCune, is a highly respected businessman and construction expert who has created several companies including:
McConstruction Company (Risk & Funds Management/ Construction Consulting / Construction Management),
Larrison Contex, Ltd. (Construction Management, General Contracting and Design / Building Services), and
Killer Power Wash (KPW) (Mobile Commercial Cleaning).
Like Mark and Gary, Steve is very busy, but he can always make time for music with his friends:
Panther City Rounders

Perry Harper

Perry Harper
(A serious bass player!)

The Panther City Rounders now welcome their newest member of the band, Perry Harper on bass! Perry is a materials analyst at Bell Helicopter. Perry is also an expert carpenter. Originally from Tennessee, Perry has played upright bass with the Nashville Symphony and briefly played bass guitar on tour with the Charlie Daniels Band - as a substitute for the regular bass player who had a terrible slamming-his-hand-in-a-car-door accident. After retiring from music for several years, Perry is getting back into the swing of things with his new friends:
Panther City Rounders

Although she chooses to appear with Panther City Rounders as a guest musician rather than as a regular member of the band, when Janet Parish accompanies us, she always makes a valuable contribution with her keyboard improvisation, rhythm guitar, or her beautiful harmonic vocals. Janet is a very talented songwriter who often performs her worship music in other settings. Janet takes good care of her family and is also an efficient office worker, a licensed cosmotologist, and an experienced paralegal.
Janet Parish

Janet Parish
(Always welcome to add her talent!)

Stuart Clegg

Stuart Clegg
(Our Soundman listening intently)

Stuart Clegg has been a great friend of Mark and Gary since Paschal High School. Stuart works as an oil industry consultant. Stuart also created a popular lunch consession, "Cap's Place," at Paschal which benefits the PHS athletics department. Stuart is an entreprenuer  and renaissance man with expertise and experience in the oil industry, food service, political campaigns, and many other business endeavors. Stuart is the sound technician for the Panther City Rounders. Yep, that's a Panthers cap Stuart has on in the photo.